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The focus of BRERART 2015 will be the MUDO (Museo Urbano Diffuso Obbligatorio), the Urban Widespread Compulsory Museum which will realizes ten site-specific works of art, on the shutters of shops, public exercises and other sites, located in Zone 1 of the City of Milan. It is not just a matter of "decorate" the space, but the aim is to create "a compulsory museum" to generate "familiarity" between the residents and visitors of Milan, even those who do not regularly attend museums. These works of art will be "persistents" and with a "social function". Hence derives the definition of “compulsory museum” in the sense that the public is required to see these works and became familiar with contemporary art, while they cross it.

Not least it has to be considered also the anti degradation function and the recovery of these spaces often vandalized, with the new task of art work. In this way, in fact, these supports are revalued giving a renewed and attractive appearance of the affected area, contributing to qualify and requalify the Zone 1 of Milan, in terms of livability, cultural and commercial attractiveness, homeland security.

The MUDO also provides the completion and development of a series of permanent cultural and structural interventions promoted, and in part already realized by the Zona 1 of Milan, Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, BRERART, Comufficio, WWF and other institutions and associations, namely, the consolidation and protection of site-specific interventions already made on the walls of the town gardens of Via T. Cazzaniga, on the WWF Lombardy seat and on the town gardens of Via Montello. The consolidation of these works will be done through special protections, such as particular paints, and the preparation of “invisible” plaster. The project will also realizes the implementation of a multilimgual system of self briefing of the art works through a digital catalog and the production and placing of QR codes (Quick Response), to be read by smartphones and tablets, containing information about the works themselves (author, title, etc.).




With the project MUDO the Zone 1 of Milan will progressively enjoy the use of a new and original concept of Art Museum Widespread and Everlasting that will become, as in London and Barcelona, also an economic, sustainable and anti-crisis resource because it is linked to cultural tourism; the already made interventions will be consolidated and protected, as well as future ones; the central spaces, will be rehabilitated and adorned, and will have the function of increasing the quality of life for residents and viability of public spaces also causing an appreciation of the assets and real estate; the MUDO also represents a unique opportunity to engage and raise awareness of the young artists of the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera involved in new projects and, ultimately, it will help to renovate the image of Brera, as the cornerstone of the Milanese cultural production and proposal.












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